Running from karma…or death (or something)

So let me begin by saying a little prayer that reincarnation isn’t punitive and I dont come back as my neighbor’s half starved dog. My problem is I live with someone that I don’t love and wish would die in a horrible accident. I use his toothbrush to cleanimagek the toilet. I once marinated his steak in toilet water for a full day. I didn’t start hating him until he started texting women, all kinds, and you can fill in the blanks on the immoral things that he texted them that makes me wash his clothes with fresh cat turds. So why don’t i just leave? Because of the worlds most sweetest, most adorable four old that unfortunately loves this immoral bastard. My sun rises and sets on that child’s sweet face and I would do anything… Even put up with someone I loathe to make his childhood wonderful. But it leaves me with a lot of energy.. All negative. but I’ve decided to start trying to funnel it into more positive projects. Does it help? Yes. Does it help all the time? No… But here’s to hoping for a better way to deal with it that doesn’t involve homicide